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Scratch Card - Mobile Casino Games

Now you don't have to rush down to the local shop and queue up to chance your arm on a scratch card, you can play from the comfort of anywhere via your mobile phone!

Royal Vegas Casino is the place to navigate your mobile phone to if you want to play one of the highest paying scratch cards found anywhere!

If you have never played a Scratch Card, and we think you probably have, then all you need to do is give the card a scratch to reveal what is hiding underneath its six positions.

To win on a scratch card you simply need to reveal three matching symbols, and whatever they depict is how much you will have your stake multiplied by.

To play a Scratch Card, you first need to click on the Chip value indicator to arrive at the chip size you want to bet.

After you have done this you next simply need to click on the New Card button to start the game, and once you do then a new card will be displayed o your mobile phone screen.

To reveal what is underneath the rub of positions you simply need to give the Show Card button a click.

Below are the payouts for the Scratch Card that can be exclusively found over at Royal Vegas Casino

Coins Won Combination
50X your original bet 50X 50X 50X
20X your original bet 20X 20X 20X
10X your original bet 10X 10X 10X
5X your original bet 5X 5X 5X
2X your original bet 2X 2X 2X
1X your original bet 1X 1X 1X